Full Brief Heavy Blush Period Undies

Full Brief Heavy Blush Period Undies

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Do your bit for your body and for the planet in Bloody Comfy BONDS Period Undies that go with your flow so you can live leak-proof and worry-free. Our Bloody Comfy™ Full Brief Overnight offers ultimate protection and comfort for when Flo comes in heavier than you want her to be.

  • • Bloody Comfy™ Women's Full Brief Overnight Undies equate to 4 tampons
  • • Layered gusset draws away moisture to keep you fresh and dry
  • • Odour-neutralising technology lasts wear after wear
  • • Replaces liners, pads, tampons, and cups, or be worn as extra protection

Product Code: WTGL

Material: Bloody Comfy Period Full Brief Heavy

Manufactured In: Indonesia